Custom Automatic Chicken Waterer

This DIY Automatic Chicken Watering System Will Fit Any Chicken Coop and Supply Hundreds of Chickens... No Really!

This kit is for the do-it-yourselfer and includes all the parts needed to build a custom watering system for any size chicken coop. Check out my video on How to Expand Your Chicken Water to get a better idea on what's possible with a custom watering system. 

Kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty HDPE Reservoir with .90 mil Wall Thickness

  • New Bomb-Proof Vented Screw Top Lid

  • Brass Hose Connection

  • 5 Foot Flex Hose with Brass Hose Thread Couplers

  • You Specify Number and Type of Drinkers

  • PVC 3/4 inch Hose Thread Adapter and Drain Valve for Your Custom Pipe System

  • Heavy Duty Float Kit Includes:

    • Brass Float Valve

    • New Brass Faucet

    • Brass Needle Valve

    • 50' 1/4" Poly Fill Hose 

You Supply The Pipe

Before you order, you'll need to know the size of water pipe you have at home. Here is how you measure it.

The float kit includes everything you need to build a "water-thief" to supply the watering system. See how to put it together here.

DIY automatic chicken watering system comes with all the parts needed to build a water that fits any chicken coop