Basic Chicken Waterer

The Basic Chicken Waterer by Autowaterkit® is Totally Awesome!

This closed automatic chicken waterer is made with heavy-duty parts to ensure years of bardyard service. Expandable and versatile design allows for many configurations to fit your chicken coop. Features include:

  • Heavy Duty HDPE Reservoir with .90 mil wall thickness

  • New Bomb-Proof Vented Screw Top Lid

  • Brass Hose Connection

  • 5 Foot Flex Hose with Brass Hose Thread Couplers

  • New Versatile PVC Pipe Assembly with Roto-Joint and Drain Valve

  • 2 Poultry Drinker Cups AND 2 Poultry Drinker Nipples

Check out the Installation Video

Some Assembly Required

This high quality chicken waterer comes with water cups and nipples mounted on a pvc pipe that rotates to allow many installation configurations