There's a Problem Here!

Ya you've seen this picture before. In fact you probably have a collection of chicken waterers that looks just like it! Of course you do, and why not? They are in every feed store and usually pretty cheap!

How do I know you have a pile like this?

I'm figuring you're pretty much like I was. My wife was keeping LOTS of chickens and they all had to be watered everyday - 'fer cryin out loud. She'd buy more chickens, I'd build another pen and we'd buy another waterer. It was a vicious cycle! 

The problem with these water feeders is this-

  • They need to be filled everyday 
  • They need to be cleaned everyday
  • They can spread disease
  • They can only service ONE pen at a time
  • They only last one season, if that!

I'm begging you please...Stop The Insanity! Check out Autowaterkit®. You won't be sorry!

The Best Chicken Waterer - Guaranteed!

The best automatic waterer for your chicken coop is one that is durable, versatile and expandable. Autowaterkit® is all that- Guaranteed!

I believe that Everybody who keeps chickens will quickly come to the conclusion that an automatic  waterering system is, by far, the best way to water your chicken friends.

Check out the many reasons why I think Autowaterkit is the Greatest chicken watering system available.